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Microsoft Excel Security

Excel Database Security

Security in your Excel Database can be as complex or as simple as you want or need.  There are many ways to implement a security model in MS Excel by creating a custom security model tailored to your specific needs. The experts at WSI have implemented hundreds of Security Setups in all kinds of situations. This vast experience will help guarantee that you get a properly secured database.

Even if you have already started to implement some Security, we can still help out. If you get stuck on how to implement security or how to setup a special situation or simply just want your existing Security reviewed to make sure it's implemente correctly, we can help.

Security implementation can be challenging and frustrating, so please Contact us today to get started on Excel Database Security Implementation and we'll help get you on the path to success!

Microsoft Excel Security Common Questions

We have some very complex Security requirements to develop - can Microsoft Excel handle that?

By using the code language in Microsoft Excel - VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), we can create just about as complex of a security model as you need. We've been able to generate just about every security model that a client has requested with Microsoft Excel. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin to see how WSI can help you.

Our Microsoft Excel database isn't that important and has a small number of known users - do we have to implement a security model?

No. One of the great things about Microsoft Excel is that you control everything - and one of those items is whether you want to have security on your system or not. You may decide you don't need any security on your system when it's initially built, but decide to implement a security model later on - that is just fine. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin to see how WSI can help you.